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Advanced features of the Email System interface
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Animated walkthroughs on how to use Email System!
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Email Marketing Software Manual
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Latest Articles

article Tips to Avoid the Outlook Junk Folder
The Outlook and Windows Mail junk mail filters scan messages to determine whether or not a message is junk mail. Unlike many junk mail filters Outlook is looking not only at your content but the Subject, From, and To sections of your message as well. Avoid the things listed below and you will...

(No rating)  4-9-2009    Views: 3360   
article Will my service package price increase or decrease?
We strive to be an affordable enterprise level email marketing service provider. We don't anticipate changing prices often, but like any business we may have to reevaluate our service from time to time to ensure that we are meeting the email marketing and delivery demands of our customers. If...

  3-4-2008    Views: 10424   
article SPF Records: The Key to Email Marketing Success
Are you managing email promotional campaigns without a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record in place? If so, you could be losing thousands of emails to spam and bulk mail filters, diminishing your results and hurting your bottom line. Adding an SPF is an easy, one-time fix that can...

  1-26-2008    Views: 11653   
article Habeas Training Screen Cast
Habeas Training Screen Cast Habeas tools help in increasing Delivery to the INBOX. This brief tutorial will assist you in learning how to use the interface and tools.

  1-25-2008    Views: 7165   
article Helpful tools for better Email Inbox Delivery
Please note these are only suggestions and will not guarantee delivery into the inbox.  The ISP has the final say on whether or not they accept your emails and also which folder they are likely to place your message i.e. the inbox or the spam/junk folder.        1.)    Send only to those...

  1-18-2008    Views: 9789   

Most Popular Articles

article Can I attach a file to an email campaign that I create using your email marketing system?
Our system does not offer the ability to include attachments to your mailings.  Most ISP's and email providers do not like receiving very large email attachments in bulk, and often block servers that send them.  Attaching files would also cause the email blast to take much longer to be sent...

  2-2-2005    Views: 35116   
article Can I edit my unsubscribe link?
You can definitely edit the unsubscribe link.  An unsubscribe is necessary, so if you do not include your own on your message, the Email System system will automatically insert one at the bottom of your email.To add your own link, just apply the text (e.g. Click here to unsubscribe) or...

  10-23-2004    Views: 32912   
article New Send Email/Create New Email Page
We've redesigned this page to be more user friendly and to get you where you need to go faster! Please view the following for a brief explanation of what's been changed:1) Create a new HTML/text message - select this option to create a new HTML/text email from scratch, using your own html and...

  2-23-2006    Views: 30183   
article Why aren't my graphics displaying in my test messages?
You may find that you are getting broken image links in test messages, even though the message looks fine withing preview screens. This is typically caused by using a web design program that removes the domain name when referencing image paths.For example:The logo graphic for your Email System...

  12-30-2004    Views: 29958   
article Email System Flash Tutorials (Basic)
View the flash tutorials below to learn how to use the basic functions of Email System. Flash tutorials will open in a new window.Flash Tutorials:Create your distribution listLearn how to create a listUpload a list from excelLearn how to import subscribers to your listUpload an existing HTML...

  6-23-2005    Views: 29531   

Highest Rated Articles

article Adding a Subscriber
1.      Click Add a Subscriber from the Subscriber Manager and click Add Subscriber link of the relevant list. 2.      Type in available subscriber information in appropriate fields. You must enter information for fields marked * Required.3.      Click Add

  10-12-2004    Views: 17595   
article Allow your subscribers to specify whether they should be receiving html or text emails
Follow the instructions below to allow your subscriber records to specify whether they should be receiving html or text emails from you.1. Click on MODIFY LIST and then select your list. 2. Go through the step by step wizard and click Add Another Field. Name the field: messageformat3. Click...

  3-14-2005    Views: 26638   
article 2.1.3. Special Case: Checkboxes
Checkboxes represent one method of allowing multiple values to be selected.  List boxes are another example.  A group of checkboxes, however, are defined by isolated HTML tags whereas a list box is a single HTML tag in which multiple entries are contained.  In order for the mini API to handle...

  7-29-2005    Views: 7901   
article Is it possible to host the new subscriber signup form on my own site, rather than link to the custom Email System form?
It is possible, although it requires that you use our API feature. The API is code that lets your site or custom application to communicate with the Email System system without having to log in to the interface. This option should only be used by advanced users, as it requires programming...

  12-14-2006    Views: 26431   
article Example Code
PHP Please see the following link for example code: http://www.Email

  1-15-2007    Views: 7150   

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